Allium christophii Star of Persia

I’ve planted several alliums in my garden, but I haven’t added any new ornamental onion bulbs in a few years. This spring when I went into the garden to photograph another plant I was met with an allium I didn’t plant. The mystery bloom belongs to Allium christophii, commonly known as Star of Persia.

Allium christophii

The last allium added to the garden some four years ago now was a ‘Mt. Everest’ which bloomed nicely, but now seems to have decided not to return. I have several allium ‘Purple Sensation’ bulbs scattered in the garden, and at one point had an A. schubertii. 

Allium christophii Star of Persia

I’m not sure how these two Allium christophii bulbs ended up growing in my garden. I have been known to collect seeds from plants and direct sowing them in the garden and then forgetting about them. That’s probably what happened here, but who knows. The amethyst color of each of the blooms is wonderful as is the metallic sheen on each of the petals.

The flowers on the bulbs are spent and each green sphere you see is currently swelling as seeds are produced. Saving allium seeds is easy and I’ll be saving each of the seeds these two produce. If you collect allium seeds: keep in mind that they are perennials and may take between 3-4 years to bloom in your garden from seed.

Collecting Allium Seeds Garden Video

If you would like to plant allium bulbs in your garden keep an eye out for clearance plants at your garden center now that the bulbs are done blooming. Otherwise, you can purchase bulbs in the fall from your local garden center or favorite garden bulb catalog.

Got a favorite allium in your garden?

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