Amaryllis 'Fairy Tale'

Amaryllis ‘Fairy Tale’ is a wonderful miniature Amaryllis. Technically, they’re Hippeastrum bulbs, but are commonly known as Amaryllis by people like me who don’t want to use the correct name for these tender bulbs.

Amaryllis Hippeastrum 'Fairy Tale'

Unlike Amaryllis ‘Lemon Lime’ and some other miniatures I’ve grown in the past, ‘Fairy Tale’ is really a mini bulb. The circumference of this particular bulb was about 10 inches and has produced one scape (flower stem) that has opened, and there’s another on the way. The opened scape is about 14 inches tall and produced four red and white stripped flowers with a green center.

Amaryllis 'Fairy Tale' flowers

These photos of the flower of ‘Fairy Tale’ are kind of misleading in that they make the flowers look kind of large. Each of these Amaryllis flowers is only about 4 1/2 inches wide.

Amaryllis 'Fairy Tale '

The diminutive blooms are on par with the blooms of Amaryllis cybister ‘Chico’ and are just as dramatic as the blooms of larger bulbs like Amaryllis ‘Charisma.’ I searched some Amaryllis sites and forums for information on this bulb after it opened and it seems like there are a lot of pictures of a bulbs labeled ‘Fairy Tale’ that are more of peach color, and some where the red and white striping is a lot more dramatic.

This particular Amaryllis came to me from Longfield Gardens, they sent me a few bulbs for free from the collection they carry to grow and review on my blog. Have you grown ‘Fairy Tale’ before? I’ve read it was introduced in 1999 and I’m surprised there aren’t more Amaryllis enthusiasts with pictures of this flower online.

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