Living Wall Planted with Nasturtiums

I love growing nasturtiums, but I had never thought of them as plants that could be used in a living wall. Living walls and vertical gardens are usually planted with low growing plants-primarily succulents-that, to me, don’t make me want to go out and install a living wall. Although, this living wall planted with nasturtiums is giving me ideas.
nasturtium living wall Chicago Botanic Garden

I photographed this living wall planted with nasturtiums at the Chicago Botanic Garden last year and I’ve returned to the picture several times when I needed a fix of color over the dreary winter. I’m not sure what kind of living wall system the nasturtiums are growing in, but I can tell you the nasturtium varieties chosen here are the mounding type.

Mounding nasturtiums for which you can easily buy seeds for include ‘Creamsicle,’Dwarf Cherry Rose’, and ‘Jewel Mix’ among others. ‘Spitfire’ and ‘Moonlight’ are two trailing types of nasturtium that you could also plant in a living wall system. Nasturtiums are easy to start from seeds, and the leaves and flowers are edible. Saving nasturtium seeds is really easy too. Do I need to give you 5 Reasons Why I grow Nasturtiums? Grow some in your garden this year.

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