The Best Garden Seed Catalogs

The Best Heirloom Garden Seed Catalogs

You can tell a lot about a gardener by walking through their garden, but if you really want to get to know a gardener take a peek inside their mailbox during seed catalog season. Seed catalogs are more than just a listing of the current offerings of a particular seed company, at least the good one are. They’re archives of common names, a seed’s history in gardens, and instruction manuals. Seed catalogs are also passports that allow gardeners to travel to distant lands, and teleport months ahead in time and imagine what the next growing season will be like as they flip through the pages. A handful of seed catalogs will let you know if the gardener prefers heirlooms, vegetables and herbs, or ornamentals and the year’s fanciest hybrids.

Like with so much else in life, technology is displacing the need for printed catalogs because a company can just list their seed selection on their website. Add to that the rising costs of doing business, the consolidation of seed companies, and the pickings can seem slim if you prefer printed seed catalogs. Fortunately, if you know where to look (and are willing to pay a few dollars in some cases) you can still participate in the tradition and escapism that is a seed catalog.

Below is a listing of printed seed catalogs that I recommend. The seed catalogs range from heirloom vegetables and herbs for the traditionalist. Exotic fruits, vegetables, and herbs from around the world for the adventurous gardener. Flowers and grasses that attract wildlife to our garden. This is by no means an all-inclusive list, but rather, a sampling of seed catalogs that I think (based on my experience) you’d enjoy. visit the seed company’s website to request a catalog. Some may be free, others may cost a few dollars or only be shipped with an order. (Baker creek Heirloom Seeds) (Pinetree Garden Seeds)

What does my list of seed catalogs say about me? What kind of gardener do you reckon I am, or wish I was? Are there any printed seed catalogs that you’d recommend for me after viewing my list? Feel free to drop your suggestion in the comments, or share your experience with any of these seed catalogs that you think other gardeners would find helpful.

Note: you can find these seed companies and more listed in my Seed Snatcher search engine. It is a search engine powered by Google that only displays the results that I carefully select. These sources are websites, blogs, forums, and articles about everything related to seed companies, how-to seed sowing and saving articles.

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