The Seed Sharer

I’m always looking for ways to store seeds I saved from my garden and creative ways to share seeds with other people. When I see a product my mind automatically finds a way that I can put it to use saving and storing seeds. The seed organizer made from a plastic shoe box is one example. Another would be the pocket seed banks made from candy tins. When I saw this container of candy sprinkles for baking I thought it would be a great way to make a gift of some seeds from my garden. After removing all the sprinkles The Seed Sharer was born.

My label on the top of the container is a little crude. You can a nicer label for your Seed Sharer with a printer or by hand if you have nice penmanship. I had neither so I cut out the logo of a seed packet from One Seed Chicago, a greening project I work on that gives away free seeds to gardeners in Chicago.

This Seed Sharer container has five chambers that I filled with seeds. Blackberry lily, Christmas Lima Beans, scarlet runner beans, snack sunflower seeds, ‘White Wonder’ cucumber, and nasturtium seeds.

I’ve used a few of these containers to share seeds before and I really liked this particular one because it had two options for the opening that allowed for shaking out small and large seeds.

Besides using these containers to share garden seeds I think they’d be a great option in creating a personal seed bank. This year while updating my seed trade list I realized that I had several seeds that I meant to sow for a school garden’s seed library that I’m working on that I never got around to. Keeping them in The Seed Sharer will remind me to sow them this spring because they won’t be hidden away in the seed organizer. For more seed saving and seed starting posts see the seed saving page on this blog.

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