Viburnums – Three seasons of Interest. Viburnum dilitatum is one of the several viburnums in my garden. It is an outstanding shrub that blooms vigorously and then produces an outstanding display of berries. For 10 plus years I had been calling this viburnum “wrightii” in error. Not until I met Michael Dirr and provided him with a branch did I find that I had been sold a mislabeled plant. An all too common error in the nursery trade. However no dismay – whatever the name – this viburnum is a keeper. Sun, occasional fertilizer, and occasional pruning (to keep 6-7ft tall) is all that is required. Located right outside of my kitchen it produces berries that will eventually attract many birds ( usually after the winter past). There are two plants side by side which is the reason for the great berries. Sort of like two friends working together to fertilize each others not to fragrant flowers. Along with the berries the leaves turn to a wonderful red color in the fall. From a landscape point of view – this is a great plant for a screen, foundation for a tall house or just out in the yard in a small group planting.
No yard should be without a viburnum.

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